Mission, Vision and Values


Sky Lens Studios strives to elevate the understanding, acceptance and utility of the drone industry. Search for new ways to leverage this technology to better our lives and those around us. Working to train new drone pilots and educate business on how to be more cost effective while obtaining accurate, fast and safe results. Contribute to ensure drones can be used to create a better and sustainable future for all humankind.


In a challenging and ever changing world, Sky Lens Studios endeavors to find ways to use drone and robotic technology to assist in the next chapter we face together. As such, several key Studios have been curated to focus on activities supporting our mission:

Studio A - Flight School

Train and educate the next generation of RPAS (Drone) pilots.

Studio B - Real Estate

Ensure properties are presented effectively and accurately to potential buyers.

Studio C - Commercial & Marketing

Aid business, not for profit, cities/townships with marketing and promotional activities to ensure their message is recognized and understood.

Studio D - Survey & Construction

Sky Lens Studios will support our future. Help engineers, planners and innovators bring projects to life that will shape our future and quite literally save our planet.

These areas of focus will help us realize a future where competent RPAS (Drone) Pilots can use this technology to perform missions that are safer, faster and accurate. Help our industries and governments collect the data required to build better and more efficient projects, like renewable energy, space travel, defense, and other key infrastructure projects to shape our changing climate needs. Our vision is to support undertakings that offer sustainability, security and that ensure prosperity for future generations.


Sky Lens Studios prioritizes maintaining professional behaviours and positive shared values. The following seven caveats embody our values:


In all our actions we shall be guided by a code of behaviour which reflects our values, unimpeded by circumstance or personal gain.


We will treat others (both human and animal) with consideration for their circumstances and with thoughtful regard for their value.


We will embrace truthfulness, fairness, probity, and demand the absence of fraud or deceit in ourselves and others with whom we act.


We will be accountable for the care and welfare of others and responsible for the intended and unintended consequences of our actions.


We will exercise personal freedom while insuring others be immune from arbitrary interference on account of condition or circumstance.


We will endeavor to understand the feelings, thoughts, and notions of others in order that compassion and fairness of our actions may result.


We will execute our skills to create high achievement and applaud the high achievement of others.