Transport Canada Approved sRPAS Advanced Flight Review

sRPAS Advanced Flight Review

The final stage to acquire your advanced sRPAS license is to pass an in person flight review. With approval from Transport Canada, Sky Lens Studios can conduct these advanced sRPAS flight reviews and ensure all requirements are met.


  • Pass your small advanced exam - TC Small Advanced Exam

  • Ensure you have a drone that is registered with Transport Canada - TC Drone Registration

  • Contact our Chief Pilot at to coordinate a date and time for your sRPAS advanced flight review. We are affiliated with several flight schools in Canada to ensure Transport Canada compliance.

  • Complete payment of $220

  • We will send you a complete flight review preparation package outlining everything you will need to bring, prepare for and know to pass the advanced flight review (see details of what is included below)

  • Plus we will send you some BONUS MATERIALS (Valued at $50), that will help you prepare (see below for details).

Every effort will be made to ensure you are ready to successfully pass the Transport Canada sRPAS advanced flight review.

ROC-A Exam - For an additional $50 complete your official exam to qualify for a Restricted Operator Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification - ISED Canada

Why Choose Sky Lens Studios for your Flight Review?

The advanced sRPAS exam by Transport Canada is hard, and many students require several attempts to pass. This builds a level of stress and discomfort which many carry over into the advanced flight review. This is not the case at all, the advanced flight review is intended to ensure you are comfortable with several key requirements of operating a drone in Canada. Sky Lens Studios recognizes this and makes every effort to ensure the process as stress-free and productive as possible. Ensuring all requirements set out by Transport Canada are followed means you will leave knowing you can confidently operate a drone safely and comply with all Canadian regulations. We offer:

  • Piece of mind - We recognize this is a stressful situation and reinforce that you have the skills and knowledge to succeed.

  • Competitive price $220 - Book your sRPAS advanced flight review directly with Sky Lens Studios by contacting our Chief Pilot at

  • Before the advanced flight review, but after payment is received, a complete flight review preparation package will be sent to you ensuring you know exactly what is expected:

    • Location - A brief on the location the flight review will be conducted, used to prepare your detailed site plan

    • Candidate Checklist - A complete list of everything you need to bring with you (ID, Certificates, SOP's, etc.)

    • Site Plan Template - Outline of elements required to formulate a compliant site plan

    • Standard Operating Procedures Template - Outline of the operating procedures, steps you follow when launching, flying and landing your drone

    • Emergency Procedures Checklist - Including the six situations you need to have procedures for

    • Accident/Occurrence reporting forms

    • BONUS MATERIALS (Valued at $50) - Provide you with completed standard operating procedures, best way to complete a site plan, find weather forecasts and emergency procedures checklist. You can use this as a head start and tailor the documents to your specific equipment, but at least you are not starting from scratch.

    • ROC-A Exam - For an additional $50 complete your official exam to qualify for a Restricted Operator Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification

      • The ROC-A Radiotelephony Certificate allows you to communicate with air traffic control and manned aircraft using an aeronautical VHF radiotelephone and is generally expected for professional drone operators operating in controlled airspace.

      • Issued by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED)

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