sRPAS Advanced Exam

Preparation & Study

The Transport Canada sRPAS advanced exam is no joke, it is hard! It requires you to have knowledge in several key sections and therefore requires allot of studying. Everyone is different but expect 10 to 20 hours of preparation. The good news is you can take the exam as many times as required to pass.

The following online schools offer great training materials and programs to help you out:

For students who wish to complete their Advanced Flight Review with us, we have prepared a study guide you can use to pass the exam. Please contact us for more details

The Transport Canada advanced drone pilot online exam will draw from questions in eight key sections:

Exam Topics:

  1. Air law, air traffic rules and procedures

  2. RPAS airframes, power plants and systems

  3. Human factors

  4. Meteorology

  5. Navigation

  6. Flight operations

  7. Theory of flight

  8. Radiotelephony