Real Estate

Gain A New Perspective

Aerial photo and video packages available to suit all budgets and needs.

Sky Lens Studios are able to create a 3D Model of a property so clients can interact with and really explore the property. We can also provide an enhanced google map of property so clients can zoom in and see every detail of their purchase. Package it all up into one coinvent solution - Interactive media solutions.

Aerial Photo Package

  • 10 - 20 Meter Altitude - Front elevation and rear elevation (depending on size of lot and surrounding area).

  • 30 - 120 Meter Altitude - Directly overhead of lot and shots of the general area for perspective.

  • Link shared via google drive to view and download images.

Aerial Video Package

  • 3 Minute video with edits.

  • Several options for resolution depending on your needs 1080P, 4K, 5.2K .

  • Video editing services - Clips are transitioned together, royalty free music added, introduction and closing messages added with a message of your choice.

  • Link shared via google drive to view and download files.