Interactive Media Solutions

Reinvent how you present and share aerial imagery

As technology continues to change new solutions for capturing, processing and interacting with media has evolved. Sky Lens Studios embraces cutting edge tools and software to capture stunning aerial images, process these images, and present them with an interactive module clients can engage with. You are able to view the materials on any web enabled device, and share with clients or team members with a simple URL.

Six Elements Available:

Intro Video - Captivating aerial video clips showcasing the property or project

360˚ Panorama - Highlighting hot spots for points of interest in the area

Orbit - Circles around the property to see the home/project from all angles

Custom Google Map - Tiles showing the most up-to-date imagery of the location

3D Model - Showing proportionality of the building and structural features (includes point cloud)

Image Gallery - To provide additional photos and perspectives (deep zoom functionality)

Instant access to the project via embeddable player for easy sharing on your web page, MLS or social media

Sample Package - Select "SKIP INTRO" to gain immediate access to the interactive media menu