Survey & Construction

Best Tools For The Best Results

Leverage our experience and enterprise quality equipment to eliminate the guesswork and speed up the construction process.

Aerial Surveys:

  • Utilize enterprise level RTK Drones to ensure precision. Access to LiDAR, RGB and thermal sensors.

  • Create as-built models, point clouds and import data into CAD.

  • Create ortho mosaic maps of pre, during and post construction. Proves to stakeholders right of way access was properly remediated.

  • Able to provide 2D and 3D mapping as well as simultaneous photographic and video imagery for detailed comparison.

  • UAV photogrammetry is unmatched in terms of efficiency for areas over several acres.

  • Delivers outstanding accuracy (equivalent to terrestrial laser scanning).

  • Using a UAV surveying method, not only produces a Digital Surface Model (DSM), but also a georeferenced, highly detailed orthophoto (geotagged, geometrically correct and overlay on to Google Earth).

  • Reduce need for surveying equipment.

  • Fast, unaffected by cloud cover.

  • Cost effective - no satellite to book.

  • No bottleneck/delay for other trades/contractors waiting for results of mapping.

  • Plan —> Fly —> Data Deliver, all same day.

Aerial Inspections:

  • Conduct on-demand inspections to monitor the safety and integrity of an asset.

  • Improve efficiencies and eliminate human risk factors.

  • Use IR/Thermal imaging to reveal integrity issues in hard to access areas of buildings and structures like smokestacks, water towers, silos etc.

  • Stay safe - no more rappelling, harnesses or cages.

Stockpile Reports - for quarries, open pit mining etc.

  • Accurately determine stockpile volume.

  • Faster physical inventories, more often, more accurate.

  • Data to make material handling decisions, reduce write-offs.

  • Increase productivity, redeploy labour.

  • Reduce third party measuring expenses.

  • Enhance employee safety, no climbing piles.

  • Reduce out of stock.

  • Reduce survey teams/equipment.

Engineering/Structural Analysis:

  • Non contact, non invasive, safe for structures.

  • Equipment doesn’t need to be taken out of service.

  • Fast, safe, less expensive than other options.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Versatile - used for many applications, inspections, surveying, mapping.

Survey, inspections, volumetric, thermal, and so much more. literally the skies the limit!