Sky Lens Studios Provides High Quality Interactive Media Solutions, Aerial Photography, Videography and Transport Canada Approved Flight Reviews

Real Estate Agents

Aerial Photography Adds Perspective!

Supplement your existing photo packages

Provide a new perspective for potential buyers

Represent your clients in the best possible manner

Add our interactive media solution to your listing for a dramatic impact


Need a Pilot to Enhance Your Offer?

Add aerial photos as part of your offering and become more competitive

Offer customizable media options from fully edited to RAW files for you to finish to your clients needs

Photography, videography, and interactive media solutions

Industrial, Construction & Land Survey

Improved Site Visibility and Safety!

Easy and safe way to get visual confirmation of a site that needs repairs or is undergoing transformation

Log visual records before a retrofit or measure progression of construction activates

No surprises when embarking on new projects

Send in a drone instead of person, safety first

Create a 3D model of your site and use point cloud to measure distances and volumes, include ground control points for greater accuracy


A Picture Says a Thousand Words, a Video says More!

Utilize aerial photography and videography to enhance advertising for print or web

Expand reach through trade magazines with images that will stand out

Use video to create web based demonstrations about how your company operates and how it can better serve your clients needs

Provide customers with a 3D rendering of your facility they can explore

Sky Lens Studios provides cutting edge interactive media technology to capture perfect aerial images, videos, and 3D models of your project so you can spend more time on what you do best - Learn More