Sky Lens Studios Provides High Quality Aerial Photography, Videography, Interactive Media Solutions and Transport Canada Approved Flight Reviews and ROC-A Exams

Real Estate

Aerial photo and video packages

3D Model of property

Enhanced map of property, Ortho maps

Marketing & Promotions

Aerial photos and videos can enhance websites and print media campaigns

Showcase services and facilities to potential clients

Present facility openings to shareholders

Industrial & Commercial

Easy and safe way to get visual confirmation of a site that needs repairs or is undergoing transformation

Log visual records before a retrofit or measure progression of construction activates

Create a 3D model of your site and use point cloud to measure distances and volumes

Construction & Land Survey

Log construction progress

Show before, during and after a project

Prove right of way was remediated as per commitments

Generate 3D rendering project

Prepare Ortho maps of site or property

Sky Lens Studios provides interactive media solutions to showcase your aerial images, videos, and 3D models of your project using a simple link you can share or embed into your website - Learn More